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Glass Darkly is your premier provider of Los Angeles business portraits. Ren, our main photographer, takes meticulous time shooting and editing your business portrait. It is of paramount importance that we capture the essence of your professionality with Glass Darkly's photography. If you need a business portrait in Los Angeles, contact our company today!

Business Headshot In LA FAQ's

What's Your Approach To business Headshots

Is Hair and makeup needed For business portraits

What should I wear for a business headshot session?

Business headshots are so important in a city like Los Angeles that is filled with so many talented business professionals really looking to bolster their careers with the right business headshot. It's so important for creatives and professionals out their to remember that you are the face of your career you are the product people are interested in. The trust you can build by possessing the right headshot is what we aim to showcase. We will take the time to understand your industry and goals for your headshot and make sure we use our skills to achieve that look. 

Hair and makeup is totally up to you when it comes to business portraits. The one note we like to give is that you want to present yourself as you normally would on a day to day basis in whichever field your career is in. That means if you don't normally wear heavy makeup throughout your day, then maybe you should stick to a regular level of makeup for your session. We always encourage embracing your natural beauty at Glass Darkly so if you don't want to wear any makeup at all we think that's great! Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable for your session. 

There are a lot of great options out there when it comes to what you want to wear to a business headshot session. Most importantly you want to dress to impress. Look for suits, blouses, shirts, and clothing items that are profession clean and not distracting. Depending on your career, you may want to go for a more neutral look, such as a lawyer or a Doctor. But maybe if you are a creative professional you may want to show a bit more personality with a pop of color.