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TEll me i'm wrong and your not feeling...

without the RIGHT headshot, you could be killing the momentum of your career, and missing out on BIG ROLES.

I want headshots that will land me an Agent/Manager!

New headshots may get help me book that next role.

My current headshots are outdated & don't look like me.

count me in!

If you've changed your look by maybe getting a new hair style, or loosing some weight, or just growing older, we all need to update our headshots as we progress through life. Now's the time to get those fresh headshots to head into the new season with confidence they represent the new you!

You just may be right! A fresh pair of headshots can showcase you in a way that casting directors will love. They'll see the depth and charisma you can produce in your headshot and be confident you're the right person for the role.

If you're budding for a new agency or just starting out looking for representation, the easiest way to impress those agents & managers is wit some killer headshots. Most reps are going to suggest new headshots anyway, so why not be one step ahead of them?

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100-200 RAw IMAGES
retouch $25/PHOTO

2 Looks
2 Retouches
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4 Looks
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4 retouches
un-edited images
2 Slate Shots

2 Hours
10 retouches
Un-Edited images
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of actors who audition, never get the role.


cause there can only be one (duh)

TRUTH BOMB: that 99% will NEVER scare you when you have mastered your brand.

-$200 all packages | END OF THE YEAR sale!



Hey there, I'm Ren!



Glass Darkly was born out of my strong desire to channel my creative energy into something that would not only help me support my family, but also help others pursue their dreams of success. I strive to live my life for the Lord and do all I can to work diligently & obediently. I've been an actor for nearly 20 years and have learned so much about the industry. I've had to get my own headshots done and know how stressful the process can be. With me you get only the best of the best.  




instant booking

fast delivery

powerful sessions

We cut the strain of the booking process down in order to respect your time. Long gone are the days of waiting weeks just to hear back from your local photographer to see if they are available. With us, simply choose your session, pick the date and time that works best for YOU, make your payment, and that's it! You're all set for your session.

Because I'm an actor too, I know how important it is to "act within the frame". Headshots are nothing but a pretty picture without being able to see the character come alive. This is where my directing skills and your acting skills meet as we work together to draw out your range of characters. This produces some powerful headshots that are sure to set you apart.

Time is money in this industry, so we get your photos back to you FAST. Within 24-48 hours after the session you'll receive the full gallery of all your images ready for you to choose your favorites for editing. Within 5-7 business days after receiving your choices, we update the gallery with all of your edits, retouched to perfection. Get ready to land that role!

-IRIS svis


"It was very easy to work with Ren. He is a real pro. The whole session was nothing, but fun. Very quick turn around and really good captivating images! Would recommend Glass Darkly to any actor in LA."




"From booking, until delivery of final proofs-Ren made this process seamless. After 9 attempts and paying high-priced photographers, I was very reluctant to try again. Ren ran a special and the deal was too good to pass up, so I tried one last time. Ren was calm and easy to work with, the headshots looked natural and not over produced. Booking, payment, scheduling, proof selection and delivery was super easy and straightforward. Myself and manager were very happy with the photos we received! I would highly recommend Ren for his photography skills and his integrity as a fellow artist."



"Very impressed with Ren. He is very responsive, professional, fun to shoot with, and most importantly a fantastic headshot photographer. He has a great eye. We did a 1 hour session and I’m left with the best headshots of my career. I recommend and will definitely use him again in the future.

Headshot Session: Details

• When you click one of our book now connect buttons you'll be able to open our calendar and choose a date and time that works best for you, make the full payment to lock in your date, and view the shoot details and location address. We promise a premier shooting experience.

• You also have the option of adding hair and makeup for your session so be sure to check out our hair and makeup section for more details and how to reach out to Erica to schedule your appointment.

Let's Shoot

•You'll meet me for our outdoors session in Downtown Glendale hair & makeup ready, and we will proceed to have the most awesome la headshots session you've ever had!

• If purchasing a full session you'll be able to change into as many outfits and looks as you'd like in the session time span. Because we shoot outdoors, we do have a changing tent available for you to use for outfit changes. 

• Within 1-2 business days after our shoot, you'll receive a proofing gallery that you can use to pick your top photos for me to edit. You can also share it with your Agent/Manager to have them pick their favorites as well. Any additional retouch choices, more than whats included in the package, are $25 per edit. All of our sessions include the un-retouched images that have a basic color correction applied.

•5-7 business days after I have received your choices, you will be emailed your viewing gallery where you can download, share, and print your brand new professional acting headshots! Time to get you booked!

• And lastly, one of the most important steps; you'll be sure to post and share your headshots on your social media and tell all your acting friends what a great session you had! HA! We'll Love You Long Time :)

STEP 3: The delivery



As an actor & creative, our thoughts can get pretty crazy...

I'm an actor on the hunt for headshots that scream "me" and make casting directors say, "That's the one!" But I've got this nagging worry about finding a photographer who gets my vibe, captures my personality, and makes me look like the superstar I know I am. I mean, who wants headshots that look like they belong to someone else, right?

Can we talk about awkward poses for a sec? Yeah, I'm worried about ending up in some crazy yoga pose, trying to look cool. I need a photographer who's my hype person, making me feel like the superstar I am. Confidence is my secret sauce for killer headshots.

You know what makes me break into a cold sweat? The thought of working with a photographer who's clueless about the acting biz. I need someone who's been in the trenches, who knows the difference between a monologue and a soliloquy. Experience matters because, well, this is my big break!

Life in the acting lane moves at warp speed. I can't be waiting around for my headshots like they're a Netflix series cliffhanger. I've got auditions to nail, so a quick turnaround is non-negotiable.

My life's like a rollercoaster, and I need a photographer who can hop on board. Last-minute auditions and crazy schedules are my norm. Flexibility is my middle name (well, almost).

I'm a big believer in word-of-mouth. I want to hear from fellow actors who've been down this headshot road before. If there aren't any reviews or testimonials, it's like entering an audition room blindfolded.

Hey, I want to look my best, but not like I stepped out of a sci-fi movie. Overly airbrushed? No, thanks. I want my headshots to look like me on a really, really good day.

Whether it's under the studio lights or out in the wild city, location matters. Different roles call for different vibes, and I need a photographer who's got options. It's like choosing an outfit for the red carpet—location sets the mood.

Let's keep it real—I'm not rolling in cash. Starting out in this crazy acting world means I need headshots that won't empty my piggy bank. I'm on a budget, but I also don't want my headshots to scream "bargain bin." It's like finding that perfect thrift store find that's both stylish and affordable.

Quality & Style

retouching & editing

Location & studio

reviews & testimonials

quick turnaround

Comfort & confidence

experience & expertise

Scheduling & Availability



Hey there, fellow actor! I totally get your concern about capturing your unique style and personality. At Glass Darkly, we're all about creating headshots that not only showcase your casting potential but also scream "YOU!" With nearly two decades of acting experience under my belt, I've got an insider's perspective on what you need. Your headshots will be Hollywood-ready in no time!

Awkward poses? Nope, not on my watch! I'm here to be your personal hype coach during the shoot. We'll turn those nerves into natural confidence, and you'll be striking poses like a seasoned pro in no time.

Worried about working with a photographer who's clueless about the biz? Not here! I've been treading the boards for nearly two decades, so I've got the industry know-how. Your headshots will be crafted by someone who's walked the walk, not just talked the talk.

Casting calls can come out of the blue, right? Well, guess what? Our headshot magic happens at warp speed. With a 24-48 hour turnaround (often same day), you'll never miss a beat in this fast-paced industry.

My life's like a rollercoaster, and I need a photographer who can hop on board. Last-minute auditions and crazy schedules are my norm. Flexibility is my middle name (well, almost).

Need some proof that we're the real deal? Check out our Google reviews! We've got over 130 5-star reviews from actors just like you. They'll tell you that we're not just another photographer—we're your ticket to headshot success.

No one wants to look like an alien in their headshots, right? We've got you covered. Our retouching is all about enhancing your natural beauty while keeping things genuine. You'll look like the fabulous you that you are!

Ever wanted to rock your headshots in a dark and moody parking garage? Well, that's our secret sauce! It adds depth and character to your shots, plus it keeps session costs down. It's like a film set without the Hollywood price tag.

Budget blues? Don't fret! We're on the same page. I know the struggle is real when you're kickstarting your acting career. That's why we've got you covered with top-notch headshots that won't break the bank. Think of it as scoring front-row seats to your own success show without the VIP price tag.

Quality & Style 😎

retouching & editing 💻

Location & studio 📍

Reviews & testimonials 🗣️

quick turnaround 🚀

Comfort & confidence 🤗

experience & expertise 📸

Scheduling & Availability 📅

affordability 💰

Let us put your mind at ease. This is how we've solved all those concerns... 




Headshot Portfolio

Glass Darkly, your one-way ticket to headshot awesomeness right here in sunny Los Angeles. 🌴✨

I know you've got a burning curiosity, that itch to see what magic we've cooked up for others like you. Well, guess what? It's time to take a deep dive into the visual feast that is our headshot portfolio.

But wait, before you start scrolling, let me set the scene:

Imagine gritty, dark, and moody parking garages. Yes, you read that right. These aren't your run-of-the-mill headshots. We're talking headshots that pop with character and style, captured in some of the most unexpected locations in LA. 

It's like bringing Hollywood's hidden gems to the forefront, and we're giving you a front-row seat. 📸✨

Each headshot tells a unique tale, a glimpse into the potential that lies within every actor. With over 130 5-star reviews on Google, you know you're in good hands.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and let the headshots speak for themselves. Get inspired, get excited, and get ready to shine like the star you were born to be!

See why Glass Darkly is the name on everyone's lips in LA. Your headshot journey begins here, and it's gonna be a blockbuster!

Lights, camera, portfolio! 🌟📷

Welcome to the coolest headshot portfolio in town

Our portfolio isn't just about photos; it's about stories.






Light Hair

Makeup & Hair


2 hours

CEll: (626)-376-5247

Instagram: @ericalemakeup

website: www.ericalemakeup.com

add. hour

Makeup & Hair

Contact Erica to book

*stay for touch ups and up to 2 additional looks within 1 additional hour*




I'm so pumped you're interested in booking a headshot session with us! As a modeling and actor headshot photographer, Our passion is creating those headshots that get you the bookings you've been dreaming of! Though there are lots of headshot photographers, through my connections in the industry I've had the opportunity to hear directly from casting directors on what looks book for headshots! Check out our headshot examples and if you're ready to take the next big step contact us and let's get you booked for a breakthrough headshot session!

Headshots casting directors LOVE!

Modeling & Actor Headshot Photographer Info

What's up! My name is Ren Scott and as a Los Angeles Headshot photographer I've been shooting actors headshots for over 6 years now. Though photography is my current love, my journey started out as an actor. Over the years I've been blessed to work on Film and TV sets for HBO, Disney, WGNA, and many more. I've had the privilege of working with some magnificent actors and now I have the privilege of mixing my love for photography with acting. That's where you come in! 

I've struggled as starving actor all my life. I know EXACTLY what you're going through. You're willing to do whatever it takes for your acting career to take off which is what brought you here, looking for the best Los Angeles headshot photographer. Actors and Actresses understand the importance of impressing those big casting directors when walking into those auditions. This is why I do what I do! I want you to feel confident in that room handing over that killer headshot of yourself that screams, "Im perfect for this role!"

As actors, we know it takes hard work and dedication to your craft to make it in this industry. However, winning that life-changing role can feel more like luck than hard work in so many ways. While sometimes being the final choice to play a character can be boiled down to your height or ethnicity, or hair color, which are things you cannot change and have no control over. However, you can do quite a few things to make sure you put yourself in the best position to impress those casting directors. One of the easiest ways is the get some amazing headshots from a professional LA headshot photographer. Preferably a photographer who is also an actor or has a profound understanding of the business. The last thing you want to do is book a headshot session with a modeling & actor headshot photographer that doesn’t understand the ins-and-outs of the business and what casting directors are looking for in great acting headshots.

The other benefit is that an actor in the business who is also an LA headshot photographer can stay up to date with all the changes that occur in the industry. There are always updates to what makes a great acting headshot, so you want to make sure you and the photographer you choose are aware of that. We would love for you to book with us here at Glass Darkly. Our goal for every headshot session is to make sure you walk away with some fantastic headshots that will captivate those casting directors, knowing that you have the skills to handle the roles. Typically, after our headshot sessions, our clients tell us how we did such a great job that they are happy they chose Glass Darkly. This is an excellent problem to have and one we love to hear!

We make booking extremely easy whenever you are ready to book with an LA headshot photographer. Simply hit “book now” under any of the sessions, and you can choose the date and time that works best for you, make the final payment, and receive all our booking details for the session. Don’t forget we also have tons of great resources available over on our blog. We have great articles that can help you pick out fabulous outfits for the characters you would like to aim for during your headshot session, and we also have articles on what to expect when you work with our modeling and actor headshot photographer.


...If I told you how one simple tool in your acting career arsenal could put you that much closer to mastering your brand and landing you those Hollywood roles you've been dreaming of? What could that be you might ask....?

HEADSHOTS! Yes, your Los Angeles headshots are one of the best tools for impressing those casting directors, agents, and managers. Awesome headshots, from an experienced LA headshot photographer, will get you into auditions you may not of normally gotten the chance at.

You're an actor, overwhelmed at this huge dream that's crawled out of your head. The same dream everyone else thinks you're crazy for shooting towards. But you want it, no matter how difficult it may seem. And my friend I've got some great news for your experience..... 



Would you beliEve me...

LA Modeling & Actor Headshot Photographer

Headshots In Los Angeles FAQ's

What is your experience with the entertainment industry?

Should I get hair and makeup for my session?

What's your post production look like?

What makes you different from other LA headshot photographers?

How soon will I receive my new acting headshots?

Where do you suggest to get my headshots printed?

I'm a bit nervous for our headshot session, any tips to calm me down?

Why are we shooting in parking garage, What's up with that?

What are acting Slate shots?

Can you use a selfie as a headshot?

What is a headshot photo?

What are headshots in la photography?

Why use headshot photography?

Why is a headshot the best for my portfolio?

What is a bts gallery?

What is a headshot "look"?

How long have you been a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer?

What should I wear in my acting headshot session?

I have been working in the film and television industry for over a decade and have quite a lot of experience working as an actor on various productions. I have worked for the likes of HBO, Disney, WGNA, and many of the projects I have been apart of can be found on Hulu & Netflix. As a Los Angeles Headshot photographer and actor, you can know that you are in good hands for you headshot session as I know how important acting headshots can be. 

Hair and makeup can really make or break your headshot session. Though they are very important, that doesn't always mean you have to have them professionally done to have a great session. For starters, Men almost never will need to use makeup for their headshot session. The only thing I would suggest focusing on is cutting down on the shine by using rice paper or a towel. Other than that, making sure you are well groomed and have neat hair is all you would need to focus on. For women, You really want to focus on presenting yourself as you would if you were going into an audition. Heavy makeup can usually be very distracting. We at Glass Darkly always support the most natural you so if you'd like to use makeup or not it's totally up to you. Hair can drastically change the look of your headshots as well so come prepared with a few different ideas for changes.   

When we go through and edit your top choices for your acting headshots we really try to focus on making you look as natural as possible. Accurate skin and color rendition is very important to us. We also include a note section under each of our retouch request where you can write exactly what you want done during the retouching process. This gives you the ability to really fine tune what you want your headshots to look like for the final product. 

I would say, quite a few different things. First and foremost I love the Lord, and everything I do in my business and life is to give glory to God. That means always giving the best to our headshot clients that we possibly can. It means working with integrity and diligence. Secondly, I'm an actor myself. So when it comes to understanding what it takes to be successful in this business, I've been there and have a valuable perspective. Step one is always getting some updated acting headshots and I can thoroughly explain the ends and outs of how important great headshots are and how important they can be for your acting career. One of the big things I also focus on is bringing authenticity and an edge to acting headshots. Many Los Angeles headshot photographers shoot in studios and that gives a very nice a clean commercial look, but maybe not necessarily a bold and edgy theatrical or cinematic look. This is how our work really stands out because we shoot outdoors and on location to give a powerfully bold look to our acting headshots.  

Our typical turn around for the proofing gallery is 1-2 business days. This excludes weekend days. Our Typically turnaround time for retouched images is 5-7 business days. We normally try to deliver Headshots either the same day or next day as we know time is money in this business. If you need a quick turn around for your headshots, don't hesitate to let as know as we would be more than happy to make accommodations for you. 

One of favorite locations to get our headshots printed is Color Images in Burbank. They are fast and quick and have the greatest quality. Check them out HERE. Make sure when you are sending your headshots over that you send out the full sized file available to download from the online gallery link that we send you after the session.

It's totally normal to be nervous. What's funny is that even though as actors we love being in front of the video camera, photography cameras scare us half to death! ha! But don't worry, I try my best to build an easy going and fun environment when we are shooting. I usually play a little music and do a lot of explaining and guiding while we are shooting. Us actors crave direction many times and so I really try to play the role of director and acting co-star as we shoot. We can feed off of each others energy and produce some awesome acting headshots for you.

Ha! Great question. A parking garage is quite the weird place to shoot acting headshots I know. But the beautiful thing about it is that you'll get some gritty dark bold and edgy headshots that will definitely stand out from the rest. Many times when you are shooting on a film set, they are using a combination of natural light on the location site as well as studio lights. This gives a very cinematic look which we try to match in our headshots. And in order to achieve that, what better thing to do other than shooting on location?

Acting slate shots are a bit of a relatively new thing in the acting industry. Slate shots are quick videos of actors slating directly to the camera. A "slate" usually includes saying things like your name, agency, height, and possibly location. It all depends on the exact request from the casting office. Many actors now have the ability to upload these video slates to various databases like actors access and LA casting in order for casting directors to easily see and hear how and actor presents on camera. Slate shots are great to have as an actor. The more media the better and they will definitely help to keep those agents and managers happy. 

While you can technically use any photo of yourself as a headshot, we strongly recommend using a professional headshot photographer in LA for your headshot. At Glass Darkly, we recommend using an la headshot photographer who can capture your mood and lighting.

This usually refers to a portfolio building photograph that is a cropped section of your shoulders up, that captures your face and mood perfectly. A great headshot really helps you build a portfolio for your next acting gig!

Headshots in photography refer to mood and artistic capturing photos of yourself from the shoulders up - a close up of your abilities!

The right Los Angeles photo can enhance the way you build your portfolio. Book with Glass Darkly today for your Los Angeles headshot photographer!

The right Los Angeles photo can enhance the way you build your portfolio. Book with Glass Darkly today for your Los Angeles headshot photographer!

Our BTS gallery is available to add to our acting headshot sessions and it is also included in our full headshot session package. Many actors know and understand the importance of media and during our headshot session you'll have the opportunity to receive behind the scenes photos that you can use for various social media post or for your acting website. These photos are great to share with others what you are up to and make for great memory markers as your career grows. 

A Headshot "look" is simply an outfit, it can be a jacket or shirt or different layers of clothes put together. Most of the time you don't have to include and pants or skirts into the look unless you are looking for full body photos in your headshot session. 

I have been shooting headshots for over a decade now. My start was in early high school as I began my acting career. I started off shooting a lot of my acting friends that I would meet in classes and at workshops. Thankfully I learned how acting and photographer could pair well and ended up making a great career out of it here in Los Angeles. 

This is a great question and one of the most important aspects of an acting headshot session. the best advice I can give for an actor looking to nail their headshot session looks is to find their favorite characters on tv shows or movies they would like to play, and simply copy their wardrobe in the show. This will lock in the perfect look and help you hone in on the exact characters you can have in your headshot portfolio. If you'd like some other great tips on what to wear click HERE to visit our blog.



This Headshot session Experience is for you if...

YOu are your brand,

Let us showcase you!

•You've just started your acting journey and you are looking for some killer headshots to jumpstart your new career!

•You've been trying but haven't been booking many jobs as you'd like and know some fresh headshots can help you break through this rut!

•You Agent/Manager says it's time for some new headshots FAST and you really want to impress them with some killer photography shots without breaking the bank!

•You've changed up your look, maybe dyed your hair or gotten in shape and you're looking for some awesome shots to capture your new look!

Let's Shoot Your LA Headshot!

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