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of actors who audition, never get the role.


cause there can only be one (duh)

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...If I told you how one simple tool in your acting career arsenal could put you that much closer to mastering your brand and landing you those Hollywood roles you've been dreaming of? What could that be you might ask....?

HEADSHOTS! Yes, your acting headshots are one of the best tools for impressing those casting directors, agents, and managers. Awesome headshots, from an experienced LA headshot photographer, will get you into auditions you may not of normally gotten the chance at.

You're an actor, overwhelmed at this huge dream that's crawled out of your head. The same dream everyone else thinks you're crazy for shooting towards. But you want it, no matter how difficult it may seem. And my friend I've got some great news for your experience..... 



Would you beliEve me...

Glass darkly:
LA Headshot Photographer, 
for actors, by an actor

Headshot Session Details

• When you click one of our book now connect buttons you'll be able to open our calendar and choose a date and time that works best for you, make the full payment to lock in your date, and view the shoot details and location address. We promise a premier shooting experience.

• You also have the option of adding hair and makeup for your session so be sure to check out our hair and makeup section for more details and how to reach out to Erika to schedule your appointment.

Let's Shoot

•You'll meet me for our outdoors session in Downtown Glendale hair & makeup ready, and we will proceed to have the most awesome headshot session you've ever had!

• If purchasing a full session you'll be able to change into as many outfits and looks as you'd like in the session time span. Because we shoot outdoors, we do have a changing tent available for you to use for outfit changes. 

• Within 1-2 business days after our shoot, you'll receive a proofing gallery that you can use to pick your top photos for me to edit. You can also share it with your Agent/Manager to have them pick their favorites as well. Any additional choices are $25 per edit. If you've book a mini or quick session, an un-edited image gallery can be purchased for an additional $75.

•5-7 business days after I have received your choices, you will be emailed your viewing gallery where you can download, share, and print your brand new professional acting headshots! Time to get you booked!

• And lastly, one of the most important steps; you'll be sure to post and share your headshots on your social media and tell all your acting friends what a great session you had! HA! We'll Love You Long Time :)

Acting Headshot Examples

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Light Hair

Makeup & Hair


2 hours

CEll: (626)-376-5247

Instagram: @ericalemakeup

website: www.ericalemakeup.com

add. hour

Makeup & Hair

Contact Erica to book

*stay for touch ups and up to 2 additional looks within 1 additional hour*

*prices are for "do and go" services*


The Photographer

I'm so pumped you're interested in booking a headshot session with us! As a modeling and actor headshot photographer, Our passion is creating those headshots that get you the bookings you've been dreaming of! Though there are lots of headshot photographers, through my connections in the industry I've had the opportunity to hear directly from casting directors on what looks book for headshots! Check out our headshot examples and if you're ready to take the next big step contact us and let's get you booked for a breakthrough headshot session!

Headshots casting directors LOVE!

What's up! My name is Ren Scott and as a Los Angeles Headshot photographers I've been shooting actors headshots for over 6 years now. Though photography is my current love, my journey started out as an actor. Over the years I've been blessed to work on Film and TV sets for HBO, Disney, WGNA, and many more. I've had the privilege of working with some magnificent actors and now I have the privilege of mixing my love for photography with acting. That's where you come in! 

I've struggled as starving actor all my life. I know EXACTLY what you're going through. You're willing to do whatever it takes for your acting career to take off which is what brought you here, looking for the best Los Angeles headshot photographer. Actors and Actresses understand the importance of impressing those big casting directors when walking into those auditions. This is why I do what I do! I want you to feel confident in that room handing over that killer headshot of yourself that screams, "Im perfect for this role!"

This session Experience is for you if...

YOu are your brand,

Let us showcase you!

•You've just started your acting journey and you are looking for some killer headshots to jumpstart your new career!

•You've been trying but haven't been booking many jobs as you'd like and know some fresh headshots can help you break through this rut!

•You Agent/Manager says it's time for some new headshots FAST and you really want to impress them with some killer photography shots without breaking the bank!

•You've changed up your look, maybe dyed your hair or gotten in shape and you're looking for some awesome shots to capture your new look!

Let's Shoot!


Ren Scott is a tremendous talent and wonderfully bright human being. As a gifted actor himself, he knows how to draw emotions out of a person and into the camera. I always feel safe and respected with Ren, and he makes getting headshots fun and easy!

-Emmy Newman

Glass Darkly photography consistently provides quality headshots that stand-out from the hundreds of commercial and theatrical submissions that we receive in our casting office. Not only is Ren well-versed in the aesthetic differences between commercial and theatrical headshots, but he’s also an excellent coach coaxing a variety of looks. He has been my go-to photographer for over 5 years because his photoshoots always make me feel comfortable and his rates are the most-affordable in Los Angeles for the quality he provides. 

-Casting Director/Actress
Rachel Varela

“Ren Scott was the absolute BEST choice for me when it came to getting new commercial headshots. He is professional, creative, extremely talented and made me feel at ease the whole way through the session.”

- Actor/Musician
Christopher Zappia

Seeing the few styles of headshots Los Angeles had to offer, I realized there actually wasn't a lot of variety at all. They were all so cookie cutter. Don't get me wrong, they were great, clean acting headshots, but all of them were shot in a studio and began to blend in with one another. In Louisiana, where I'm from, both commercial headshots and theatrical headshots are shot outdoors. Which always made them stand out!

At every Audition, you see 1,00 people who may look JUST LIKE YOU

get a killer actor headshot in Los Angeles that will separate you, from the rest

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