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The family unit is the foundation of life in this world. Your family is there with you through the good and the bad. Every family should be celebrated with a beautiful portrait session. Los Angeles has some of the most beautiful locations to capture family photos that will last forever.


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Family portraits are all about showing the love and strength inside the family unit. Glass Darkly is your go to photographer when looking to capture the special moments and catalogue the growth of a family. We love capturing the fun quirky and stylish aspects of every family. If you're looking for some Los Angeles Family portraits then you found the right place. Head on over to our inquire page and reach out to book your family portrait today.

Our Family Portrait sessions include 1-2 hours of shoot time and are usually shot in 1 location. Although if time permits, 2 locations can be chosen if they are within a close enough travel distance. We typically give back a minimum of 25-30 edited images from our sessions. We go through and retouch all of the best images to give back a wide collection of possess, backgrounds and grouping in your family photos. We encourage yo to really take your time choosing outfits for your family to wear for their session. Try to incorporate your families style into your outfits. This is definitely the time to go out and buy some new threads for everyone. You want to look your best for your portraits as these images will last a lifetime!