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The most powerful gift God gave women is the ability to have children. Beginning from a place of love and romance, then a journey through such unbearable pain, life spring forth. The process of life truly is remarkable and as a Los Angeles maternity photographer we jump at the opportunity to capture the radiant glow mothers posses when carrying a child. It is truly a gift from above. We love shooting maternity portraits against the gorges Los Angeles landscape. Your maternity photos will always be a cherished possession, not only for yourself, but for your children. If you're looking for inspiration for you maternity session, feel free to check out our galleries above of some of our past clients in their gorgeous maternity dresses.

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Maternity Photography Session Faq's

What do you suggestions do you have to make my maternity photography session special?

Where should I take my maternity photography photos?

What should I bring to my maternity photography session?

Is it okay to have family in my maternity

What should I wear in my maternity photoshoot?

There are many things you can do in order to make your maternity photos stand out. The first one is envisioning at exactly what style or or feel you'd like your images to look like. Some pregnancy photos can have a romantic dark and moody feel. Some lean on the side of bright and airy. Some of my personal favorites have a high fashion editorial esthetic to the images. Your goal is deciding what type most closely fits your own personal taste in maternity photography. This will help in the future as well when searching for a newborn photographer as you can match that style after your beautiful baby is welcomed into the world.

Choosing Glass Darkly as your maternity photographer means you get to experience the beautiful location of Los Angeles and a place to have your maternity session. There are so many maternity photo locations in Los Angeles that it can become any mothers dream. Wether it's the beautiful hills of Malibu or the Sand Dunes, or the lovely beaches like Santa Monica Beach or Venice Beach, you can go wrong with los Angeles as your backdrop for your maternity session.

Props! I love props. Theres nothing like a good flower crown or maybe your favorite chair in order to make your maternity images really stand out. Hats, accessories, scarfs, shaws, blankets etc. are all great things to think about bringing to make your photos stand out.  

Absolutely! Many maternity sessions are actually family sessions as well. We encourage inviting anyone close to your life to or in your family to join you on your session. Coordinate outfits ahead of time and choose a style that will be flattering to what you'll be wearing. Which brings us to the next question about Maternity photos... 

DRESSES! We absolutely love long flowing maternity dresses! We are all for showing the pure beauty in motherhood and Maternity dresses truly display that. Many times some mothers really want to show some skin a bit, or maybe go for a more scandalous look and honestly, that's just not our style! While we love confidence, but more than that we love the look and feel of inner style coming through in a modest way! And plus, your kids will want to see these photos in ten years (; we'd want not to shock them too much. haha!



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