Professional Portrait Photography in Los Angeles

With newborn photography in Los Angeles, it is important you go with an experienced photographer with an eye for capturing the moment. Glass Darkly is equipped for all your newborn photography - get ready for a photo to stand out on your wall or dresser for years to come. Want to package a perfect photo for friends and family? Glass Darkly is your provider for exceptional newborn photography in Los Angeles. 


BABY River


BABY Torrez

the vision For Professional Newborn Photography In Los Angeles

If you need newborn photography in Los Angeles choose Glass Darkly today. We base our vision on providing the family with the most exceptional photo possible. Our experienced photographer is here to provide a beautiful newborn photo for now and years to come. 


25-30 edits
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Unlimited Locations
1-2 Hours

Newborn Session

Glass Darkly is a wedding, portrait, & headshot studio located in Los Angeles, California. Ren Scott created Glass Darkly to not only serve, but also inspire and connect with the many creatives, actors, models, and everyday people driven by their artistically imaginative hearts. Ren is dedicated to capturing images that speak powerfully with a foundation built upon what is authentic and pure in the eyes of God. Working as a Los Angeles wedding photographer allows Ren secret insight to some the best wedding locations in the nation. As a LA headshot photographer here in the heart of Southern California, he is taking the industry by storm as the go to guy for the most cinematic headshots in town. Through his captivating images as a portrait photographer, Ren truly looks through a creative lens to bring a vision to life. Through whichever avenue you choose to work with Ren in his photography, his true dedication to art will be apparent.