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It's finally here, graduation. The day you've been waiting for for far too long. First off, let me say congratulations for the many sleepless nights, countless hours of studying, and massive amounts of hard work you put in just to pursue your dreams. College is one of the most challenging times in your life, and you've made it. As a portrait photographer, I'd be honor to celebrate your hard work and dedication by creating the most stunning and powerful graduation photos you've ever seen. You deserve to see yourself as strong-willed and determined as you are, and here at GLASS DARKLY, our graduation portrait sessions are exactly the way to do it.  

the vision For Graduation Portrait Photography In Los Angeles

Portraits: our bread and butter for professional portrait photography in Los Angeles. We want to share with you our vision of just how beautiful you look through our lens. Let us style an incredible life changing portrait session for you. We want your grandchildren to look back at how good you looked! Let's make it happen!



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Graduation Portrait Session Faq's

How do make my graduation session special?

Where should I take my grad photos?

What should I bring to my session?

Is it okay to have family in my photos?

What should I wear in my graduation photoshoot?

There are many things you can do in order to make your portraits stand out. The first one is envisioning at exactly what style or or feel you'd like your images to look like. For professional portrait photography in Los Angeles, you can have a romantic dark and moody feel. Some lean on the side of bright and airy. Some of my personal favorites have a high fashion editorial esthetic to the images. Your goal is deciding what type most closely fits your own personal taste in portrait photography. 

Choosing Glass Darkly as your portrait photographer means you get to experience the beautiful location of Los Angeles and a place to have your portrait session. There are so many photo locations in Los Angeles that it can become any creative's dream. Wether it's the beautiful hills of Malibu or the Sand Dunes, or the lovely beaches like Santa Monica Beach or Venice Beach, you can go wrong with Los Angeles as your backdrop for your graduation photos session. If you're looking for editorial photography, we also have a home based studio where we can create a magazine worthy setup! For professional graduation photography in Los Angeles, go with a photographer who knows the area!

Props! I love props. Theres nothing like a good prop or maybe your favorite chair in order to make your portrait images really stand out. Hats, accessories, scarfs, shaws, blankets etc. are all great things to think about bringing to make your photos stand out.  

If your looking for family photos we would be more than happy to put that together for you! For graduation portrait photography in Los Angeles, we try our best to focus solely on you and your stylistic needs! Many portrait photographers thrive when creating with models or just everyday people wanting modeling portfolio shots or new actor modeling shots. 

Firstly, your cap and gown of course! Secondly, we love being able to express ourselves through photography, and we want you to be able to express yourself through your photoshoot outfits, so be sure to bring the perfect outfit that will really highlight who you are! Let us help you put together the perfect outfit that matches your personal style but will also look great in front of the camera. We love coordinating colors together and styling all our photoshoots to a T! Take your time and google different outfit ideas that will give you inspiration for your shoot.



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