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Glendale California is the perfect backdrop to get a career started in Los Angeles. If you need professional headshot photography in Glendale, Glass Darkly has you covered.

If you'd like even more photos to post to those endearing fans of yours, add our BTS Gallery to any of our packages and you'll get access to a full gallery of our behind the scenes photos for you to post to social media and share with friends and family.

You’ve found us! The best-kept secret for anyone looking for a headshot photographer in Glendale that can produce the most stunning acting headshots. Here at Glass Darkly, we take pride in providing the creative acting community with a go-to photographer for all their branding and career needs. Actors always need content, from portraits to social media, slate shots, etc. Acting takes dedication to your craft and an understanding that content is king. If you’ve been looking for a headshot photographer in Glendale who knows the history and background of the acting industry and how vital strong images are to an actor's career's growth and success, you’ve found the right guy.

Located in the heart of downtown, we shoot most of our sessions outdoors, using the city's landscape as the perfect cinematic backdrop. With access to various backgrounds and locations, we can capture intriguing and powerful headshots that speak directly to the character or style that you desire. From commercial acting headshots to dark and moody theatrical headshots, we can capture it all right here in Glendale.

There are many great benefits to taking the leap and booking a session with us. We make the process as quick and easy as a few clicks of the mouse, all the while providing guidance and insight every step of the way. Whatever questions you may have about headshots in general or the acting industry, we are here to be a valuable resource to help you achieve your goals. Many headshot photographers have it backwards, and don’t understand what it takes to produce an authentic acting headshot. Here at Glass Darkly, we have over a decade worth of experience capturing and building the perfect brand images as your headshot photographer in Glendale.

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The next level of your acting career is right around the corner. And the bridge to get their is updating those old headshots to some fresh cinematic, and captivating shots, that make you look like the powerhouse film star you know you can be. 

Glendale is the perfect location for actors and creatives alike to build an awesome acting career. Like any great actor, your career is a business and many times lead to other ventures along side acting, like directing, producing, and filmmaking. In this business everyone knows content is KING and you deserve the best headshot photographer in Gelndale.  

That's where we come in, we are ready to give you the best headshot session of your life in Glendale and help you master your brand and skyrocket your career to the next level.



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