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North Hollywood is easily one of the best places to start a career in Acting. If you have been looking for the beautiful headshot photography, and a city full of creative energy, the North Hollywood area is the spot to be. With such a concentration of actors and actresses, it naturally makes a great location finding a great headshot photographer. 

Here at Glass Darkly, we are only 15 minutes from the North Hollywood area. So, if you're an aspiring actor or actress looking to level up your headshot game, come try us!

Welcome to the amazingly youthful city of North Hollywood! If you’re visiting this page, I’m assuming you are in need of the services of an incredible North Hollywood headshot photographer, and I’m here to tell you that you have found the right guy! I’m Ren Scott, a local North Hollywood headshot photographer who provides actors all across the city with intense cinematic headshots to make you stand out from the crowd. In that audition room, that casting director will see dozens of people and it is not always easy for them to pick the right talent for a job. At the end of the day, you want a reminder of the incredible performance you displayed that day. That reminder is your beautiful headshot! You want them to look at that headshot and think, “I remember this person; they did such a stellar job and look at this stunning headshot, I can totally see the character. Let's Book them!” And with your North Hollywood Headshot, you have success!

We assure you that working with us will be one of the best experiences of your acting career. Glass Darkly is your place to go for all your branding and headshot photography needs. We strive to build a great relationship with all our clients. When you do a photoshoot with us, you become one of the Glass Darkly family and can always count on us to give direction and guidance in your career. We have tons of experience in knowing exactly what agents, managers, and casting directors want to see in a great acting headshot. We are confident that you’ll have one of the best experiences you’ve ever had with a North Hollywood headshot photographer.

North Hollywood could not be a better place to start your acting career and is actually where I got my start. With one of the densest collections of theaters and colleges, it is a city with such high energy and creativity. It made the perfect launching pad for my career in acting. Check us out, as we serve various areas with headshot photography throughout the Los Angeles area.

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An actor needs a creative space to thrive, and what better place than the lesser known creative heart of the Los Angeles area: North Hollywood. Your headshots deserve to be the best, and put you in front of people that can change your life overnight. 

These Casting Directors, Agents, & Managers all want to see actor that have the potential to go big! Wanna know the secret to getting their attention? A power headshot shot by Glass Darkly, Los Angeles Top headshot photographer. If i do say so myself :)

We are ready and waiting to help you bring that intense heat into your headshots. We want to make you come alive and finally feel what it's like to have a picture that truly say a thousand words. Come join us!



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